Monday, June 29, 2020

Fresh Start

The soft shades of this quilt are fresh and relaxing.  I found peach, pale green and aqua fabric in my stash that matched the diamond print to create four 18” quatrefoil blocks.

Using larger pieces makes for quick work.  I quilted using peach thread in a decorative stitch along seam lines. Backing and binding are the same peach print. Fresh Start is 37” square.

Accuquilt dies used:
55000 square 6 ½”
55005 rectangle 3 ½” x 6 ½”
55006 square 3 ½”
55456 flying geese 3 ½” x 6 ½”

Side note: During this COVID pandemic, I have had an opportunity to reflect, evaluate, and make positive changes in my daily life. I don't mind staying at home; I like a simple life. I enjoy the peace and quiet of my cozy house. It's ironic that I don't really like grocery shopping, yet that's one of the few places I've been since March. I do miss eating out, especially breakfast omelets and catfish.

I wear a mask when I venture out for supplies – for my own health as well as those around me. Apparently most people that I see do not, so I'll choose to stay in a while longer since cases and deaths are still rising.

I don't like negativity. I turn off the news and avoid the endless sensationalized blather about the virus, politics, and other inflammatory topics. A lot of things are happening that I don't think are right or even make sense. If something or someone offends me, I will not watch, listen, or support their efforts. I've got better things to do.

Do what you can, 
with what you have, 
where you are. 
Theodore Roosevelt 

Monday, June 22, 2020


If you need some inspiration for a quick 4th of July quilt project and have some red, white and blue fabric, this one should make you happy. My ever-growing remnant baskets provided plenty of scraps for this baby. 

I've been experimenting: mixing die elements to create different designs. Today's quilt uses half square triangles and the trapezoid section of the spool die. I sewed the triangle to the trapezoid, then sewed two together to form a 4½” square. Four of those create an eight inch finished block. 

I added a 4” border of navy and white stars to frame it. Quilting in free motion with white thread moves from block to block across the diagonal lines. A double serpentine stitch on the border was added using a quilting ruler. 

Southbound is 41” square, but it could be made as large or small as you wish. I could see this vintage block in place mats, pot holders, or a tablecloth.

Accuquilt dies used:
55018 Small Value
55180 Spool

Some people done lost 
their ever-lovin' minds 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Granny's Wash Day

Memories of sheets and housedresses hanging on the line at granny's house prompted 
me to design this adorable quilt. Some of the fabrics are 1950's vintage, from Granny Rose's collection of sugar and flour sack remnants. I added new pieces that would complement them, along with white muslin. 

Each four patch block is made up of chisel sections and triangles turned to create the design. This one didn't take long at all, since most of the colored triangles were already cut. I think it looks a bit like the dasher in an old time washing machine. 

A simple quilting pattern of even squares finishes off the vintage look. I used light yellow thread for the straight stitches. The backing is an old sheet of pale yellow with pink, blue, and yellow flowers.

I am lucky to have sweet childhood memories of summer days on the Tennessee farms of both sets of grandparents. And, luckier still to have Jerold's grandmother's fabric to use in my quilts. For more of my posts about Granny Rose, Granny Hill, and sugar sack fabric, click on those labels below.

Accuquilt dies used:
55735 Chisel 2¼” x 4½” finished
55147 Half square triangle 2¼” finished

Remember when
life was simpler,
and we didn't have a
care in the world?

Monday, June 8, 2020


Basic nine-patch squares and churn dash blocks work well 
together. For this lap quilt I chose an aqua blender, paired with two black and white prints and a multicolored dot on black. I designed the layout in Electric Quilt 8. 

After sewing and arranging the blocks, I added a 3” inner border. The outer border is made up of half rectangle triangles separated by a small strip to make the design come out eve

Harmony is 48” square. I quilted the center section with a triple serpentine stitch in aqua thread, and used edge stitching to accent the first border. On the outer border I free motion quilted in the aqua sections and the four corners. Cool and refreshing with great contrast, this one's another favorite of mine. 

I am really enjoying my sewing time this summer. After completing the quilt, I put everything away and thoroughly cleaned my sewing room. It's been so nice to come into a peaceful, neat space every morning. Don't worry, it won't last long...I've already started my next quilt and the scrap baskets need managing.

Accuquilt dies used:
55339 Churn Dash 9” finished
55006 3 ½” square
55411 Half rectangle triangle 3” x 6” finished
55032 3 ½” strip
55017 2 ½” strip

Without balance 
there is no 

Monday, June 1, 2020

Full Sun

It's a perfect sunny day for a bright and cheerful quilt like Full Sun. Evidently I'm still on a beach theme.

Bright orange, melon, and yellow prints cut into isosc
eles triangles sew into octagon shaped beach umbrellas. Corner triangles of white on white swirls complete the squares, making a kaleidoscope block. Narrow sashing between them gives just enough space for the umbrellas to float on a bed of white sand. 

Just right for the beach, which is where I'd love to be. Curved free motion quilting in white thread on the blocks accents the triangles. A small serpentine stitch along the center of the sashing frames each one. Finished size is 46” square.

Dies used:

Blue Wren
6015 1 ½” strip
6396 Isosceles Triangle 5” x 6”

55017 2 ½” strip
55009 3 ½” HST

I found me
under an umbrella
by the sea


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