Monday, October 28, 2019

Star Island - Done!

Star Island

I'm finally back to normal around the house so this quilt is finished. I think it was worth the wait. Nine-patch blocks in light seaside colors of lilac, aqua, tan, and sage are lovely with the white star points.

Star Island is 45” square. I quilted diagonally across the blocks in a straight stitch, using a light lavender thread. Then I added serpentine stitching horizontally and vertically in the same color.

Can't you just picture it lying across a wicker chair in a beach cottage?

Accuquilt dies used:
3 1/2" Square 55006
3 1/2" Triangle in square 55027

Monday, October 21, 2019

Star Island, Part 2

I did get some time in the sewing room last week, but not enough to complete the Star Island quilt. I finished stitching the last few blocks, arranged them on my design board and sewed the quilt top. 

The layers are now sandwiched and pinned, ready for quilting. Tomorrow I'll choose a quilting design and thread color. Final photos and details will come next Monday.

Camping for two weeks is wonderful, but there's a little work involved afterward to get back to normal. Unloading food, gear, clothes, and supplies takes longer at the end of the season since anything that might freeze has to come in. The camper got a thorough cleaning inside and out, then winterized for storage.

What else kept me busy? Two weeks worth of laundry. Putting away all the stuff we unloaded. The cupboard was nearly bare, so grocery shopping was necessary. (I put that off as long as possible; it is not my favorite activity.) Routine household chores.

Sometimes daily life gets in the way of quilting.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Campground Sewing: Star Island

You didn't think I could go camping without some kind of sewing project, did you? For our latest outing I created a quilt kit to take along. My inspiration was a nine-patch star test block that I made last year.

I selected light colors in soft green, lilac, latte, and aqua prints from my 3 ½” square and triangle leftovers and pulled other coordinates from my remnant baskets. After designing in Electric Quilt 8, I spent an afternoon cutting the pieces I would need with Accuquilt dies. All the star points are a simple white dotted print. Everything fit nicely into a storage container.

I loaded up my trusty Singer XL1000, the fabric kit and a sewing box of notions, and off we headed to Defeated Creek.

Taking over the dinette table gave me enough room to stitch, especially with my pressing annex. I wouldn't want to try to sandwich, pin and finish a large quilt in this small space, but sewing the quilt top was a breeze.

After a couple of days unloading and cleaning the camper, I'll finish up the quilt and show you the final results next week.

Camping in fall is usually great but this year temps went from 96 to 39 during our stay. Air conditioning and heaters were necessary.  We had fun anyway!

Is is a vacation if you're retired, 
or just another day in a good life?  

Monday, October 7, 2019

Cross Cut

This little quilt was fun to design and sew. I like small ones because they go together quickly. 

I cut signature block centers of brown, gold and orange prints from a 10” square precut pack, adding white corner triangles for contrast. Black and white prints make the center crosses stand out.

Nine squares made a 33” square finished wall hanging. I quilted in diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines with black/gray/white variegated thread, using a serpentine eyelash stitch.

Such a nice design with plenty of interest, this one will reside on my dining room wall for a while.  Now, on to my next idea!

Accuquilt dies used:
Signature 55781 Qube 9” companion
Half Square Triangle 55147
2 ½” strip 55017


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