Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lessons Learned From Sam

My mama is a feisty, outspoken redhead. She grew up on a farm and worked hard all her life in many different jobs to help make ends meet. I learned these important lessons from her over the years. 

Be smart. Acquire skills that will help you find a sustainable career. Develop a wide range of interests. Life is more fun and you'll never get bored if you enjoy what you do. 

Be self-sufficient. Don't depend on others when you can do things for yourself. That includes knowing your way around the garage as well as the kitchen. 

Be frugal. Live within your means. Anything worth having is worth working and saving for. Don't waste time or money. 

Be pretty. Always look your best, smile, and wear cute shoes. But it's fine to get dirty when you're fishing, digging in the yard, or working on a car. 

Be determined. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.  Remember, some roads don't lead where you think they will, so... 

Be practical. Life isn't always fair. If you can't fix it, to hell with it.  Get over it and move on.

Happy Mother's Day, and thanks, Sam!