Monday, May 23, 2016

Sewing Therapy

I escaped to my sewing room last week for a few hours of stress relief therapy. Colorful and simple, these place mats whipped up quickly without a pattern. I'm calling them Summer Carnival. They ought to brighten up our kitchen!

Later, a little design work in EQ7 had me experimenting with color choices for several other summery projects. It is immensely satisfying to create beautiful things and to use up my ever growing stash of fabric. 

Did I mention that I got several yards and a couple of bolts of fabric for my birthday last month? Guess I'd better put more sewing time on my schedule.

I am not a fabric hoarder. 
I am the curator of 
an extensive private 
textile collection.

Monday, May 16, 2016

From Another Point Of View

Last week we had almost six inches of rain in an hour. Our basement ended up with over an inch of water on one side. We spent four hours with two shop vacs, pulled up sopping carpet and moved shelves out of the way. It's finally dried out, thank goodness.

A crisis can make you look at things from another point of view. It certainly made us ask some questions: Weren't we going to clean up down here last winter? Why in the world do we have so much stuff in the basement? Did we really need to keep that? Why was this cardboard box on the floor?

Live and learn. It's not like we are hoarders. Well, maybe we do hang on to a few potentially useful objects “just in case” or for future projects. Most of those were on shelves. At least we didn't put back as much as we took out. Decisions are easier to make when the consequences are fresh in your mind. If we didn't even remember having it, we surely don't need it now.

Looking at the bright side, nothing important was lost. The basement floor has been mopped and there's no more carpet. We vacuumed behind shelves and under the stairs. We have fewer items down there and a plan to eliminate more. 

I like this point of view.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lessons Learned From Sam

My mama is a feisty, outspoken redhead. She grew up on a farm and worked hard all her life in many different jobs to help make ends meet. I learned these important lessons from her over the years. 

Be smart. Acquire skills that will help you find a sustainable career. Develop a wide range of interests. Life is more fun and you'll never get bored if you enjoy what you do. 

Be self-sufficient. Don't depend on others when you can do things for yourself. That includes knowing your way around the garage as well as the kitchen. 

Be frugal. Live within your means. Anything worth having is worth working and saving for. Don't waste time or money. 

Be pretty. Always look your best, smile, and wear cute shoes. But it's fine to get dirty when you're fishing, digging in the yard, or working on a car. 

Be determined. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.  Remember, some roads don't lead where you think they will, so... 

Be practical. Life isn't always fair. If you can't fix it, to hell with it.  Get over it and move on.

Happy Mother's Day, and thanks, Sam!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Berries And Blooms

It's May...berries and blooms are showing up everywhere! 

Strawberries are in a bit early, medium sized, and absolutely delicious. I believe Tennessee berries are the sweetest and best in the world. There are several pick your own farms within a few miles of us. Served over shortcake or biscuit, with ice cream, sprinkled with sugar, or plain fresh out of the basket--doesn't matter to me. I just wish the season was longer!

Most of my indoor plants have been moved to their seasonal home on our screened porch. I am loving my time in the yard; yes, even the weeding (for now). Have I ever mentioned how much I hate wild ginger vine and poison ivy?  

Spring flowers are so beautiful this year. I have purple, yellow, peach and white iris, pale pink peonies, lavender phlox, beautiful dark pink heirloom roses, and a few late red azaleas blooming right now. I've bought a few flats of red and purple petunias, yellow lantana, lime sweet potato vine, marigolds, salmon geranium, maroon and lime coleus, and orange violas to add splashes of color in pots. The hummingbirds are back and they love these blooms, too.  Now if I can keep the deer away from the hosta, I'll be doing all right. 

The earth laughs in flowers. – Emerson

Nature is cheaper than therapy.


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