Monday, November 9, 2015

Watch Out For Flying Pigs

I have something important to say, something that most of you won't believe. Before I get to it, I will certify that I have not suffered a head injury, nor am I intoxicated, senile or crazy. My husband had me tested.

Well, here goes...I want Jeff Gordon to win the NASCAR Championship this year. Yep, that's right. The 24 car. You might remember that as rabid and passionate Dale Earnhardt fan, I long ago declared Jeffie my mortal enemy. Anyone but 24. I know pigs are flying, and hell is most likely under a freeze warning.

Things have changed, namely NASCAR itself. The nonsense of the Chase, playoffs, or whatever they want to call it has made formerly exciting races just a game. The rule manipulation and circus-like atmosphere of the broadcasts is nearly unwatchable, and way too much like reality TV.

Since Dale Jr. is out, there is no one left in the top eight that I would care to call a champion. Points don't matter, therefore no one really earns the title. So I decided Jeff should take a last big trophy to his retirement party.