Monday, March 2, 2015

Running Like A Sewing Machine

I had just begun to sew when my Singer XL1000 started making a horrible noise. I called my resident handyman, who dropped everything to take her downstairs to his workbench for troubleshooting. Fortunately, I have a backup machine, my trusty old Singer Athena that I haven't used in several years. I pull her out of the closet, dust her off and, well, she's making an awful noise too!

OK, fine. My mama's basic Singer Simplicity is sitting under my sewing table. She will do for what I want to sew today. I set her up, threaded bobbins, and you guessed it...more growling noises! What in the world?

I check downstairs, where Jerold had my good machine apart on his bench. This will take a while, he says. So, I head back to the sewing room and start my own mission to fix the Simplicity. I found a maintenance manual online, got my tool kit and went to work. Next thing you know, I have this machine apart on my craft table. I had the back, sides, and top off; I oiled, dusted, changed needles, made some adjustments and put her back together. VOILA! She's humming right along now.

Me upstairs and him downstairs, both of us doing sewing machine repairs. Maybe we should have taped this for submission as a new reality show. The XL had a lot of lint jammed way down inside, which threw something out of alignment. After lots of tricky and fiddly adjustments, my man saved the day and fixed her. Athena had a loose wire on her circuit board, and unfortunately a cracked gear, which may eventually cause her demise.

Thankfully for now all are up and running like sewing machines should. I'll need to blow lint out of the XL after every project, and use my backup machines more often to keep their mechanisms lubricated. Any solution that requires more sewing is just fine with me.

The experience was challenging but extremely fulfilling. I'm lucky to have a husband who's willing and more than able to work on nearly anything. I'm thankful that I'm mechanically inclined and capable enough to fix a few items on my own. The down side to fixing them is that I missed a chance to buy a fancy new machine...

If we all did the things we are capable of doing,
we would literally astound ourselves.” 
--Thomas Edison

Never underestimate the power
of a woman with a sewing machine.”