Monday, March 23, 2015

Refreshing Change: Sewing Room Update

Spring is here and I made good on my threat of moving furniture in the sewing room. I did it all by myself in an afternoon. I will admit to having felt slider feet on two tables and wheels on another. 

I put the sewing table back-to-back with the cutting table in the center of the room. I can walk all the way around with easy access to my wall mounted ironing board, design wall, and storage cabinets. This new island is directly under the ceiling fan/light for nearly perfect illumination. An Ott-Lite bulb in the swing arm fixture plus a small Ott-Lite lamp gives me more brightness at the sewing machine. 

My scrap basket organizer and two drawer units are tucked under the island, along with the serger, since I don't use it as often. A simple backless bar stool gives me a place to perch at the higher level cutting table. My desk and wicker chair now face a window beside the closet.

I really like this layout, plus moving things around provided an opportunity to clean and declutter. Things that don't belong somehow have a way of migrating into this room (I blame the cat), but I put them back where they belong. I have two large bags and a box of purged stuff in the car for donation, and I tossed some old magazines after cutting out a few dozen pages for my idea notebooks.

There's more organizing left, and I thought of several other storage ideas, but the room is more functional and less messy. It feels like a little retreat again, a refreshing place to escape, and it only took a day. I highly recommend moving furniture around and creating a new look for spring.

You never know what treasures you have, 
until you clean your room.

Cleaning is just putting stuff in less obvious places.

I can't clean my sewing room 
because I get distracted by the cool stuff I find.