Monday, March 25, 2013

So What If It's Cold?

We've been camping at Defeated Creek. We made the reservations six months ago to get a choice spot on the lake. Yeah, weather after the first few days was predicted to be cold, with rain and wind and snow flurries. So what? We went anyway.  

We packed hoodies, thermals, and quilts. We had firewood and a comfortable, well heated fifth wheel camper. We had plenty to do inside: TV, movies, internet access, library books, hobby gear.

One day we drove the scenic route up Highway 70 to Cookeville for lunch, some shopping and the required stop at Ralph's Donuts. We rode our bikes, hiked around the campground, took photos, sat by the fire, and even fished a little bit when it wasn't raining. 

I started and finished two new crochet bags. We made homemade soup and chili. We saw seventeen deer grazing together right behind our campsite.  

We watched a lot of people leave. We could have come home early, but we didn't. So what if the weather wasn't perfect? If we waited for things to be perfect, we might never start anything or go anywhere. 

So what if people say we're nuts for camping in winter conditions? We were cozy and warm, relaxed and happy. And that's all that matters. Life's too short to what if it's cold?