Monday, March 11, 2013

Are We There Yet?

After this very stressful winter, I am more than ready to take off in the truck with Jerold. Soon we're going to hitch up our fifth wheel and head to our favorite lakeside campground, where we can sit by the fire and relax. Or fish. Or read. Or do whatever the heck we want. 

We've been restocking the trailer with food, clothing and supplies, probably more than we need. The bikes and hiking boots are loaded, along with hobby gear for us both. Early spring is a fabulous time to camp. The air is fresh and cool, there are no mosquitoes, very few kids, and poison ivy hasn't sprouted yet.

My mama is eager to house-sit; it's a welcome change for her to be up here in the country. Her room is always ready. I have magazines, books, music and movies for entertainment. Her favorite foods are stocked in the pantry and refrigerator.

We're good to go, so let the 2013 travel adventures begin...are we there yet?

Useful Notion:  Let spring be a natural tonic for all that ails you.  Get outside, enjoy the sunshine on your face, smell the fresh rain, notice the budding plants, listen to the chirping birds.  Discover the inspiration and peace that comes from nature. 

And by the way, Happy Birthday Jerold!