Monday, April 16, 2012

Warm Wonderful Spring

What an unusually warm year we're having! Winter was mild and spring is at least six weeks earlier than normal here in Tennessee. Highs in the 70's in February and 80's in March have coaxed my flowers to show their faces much sooner. Everything has come up beautifully green, lush, and ahead of schedule.
Early iris that ordinarily bloom in April produced their gorgeous colors during March; later ones are showing their faces now. Our trellis is exploding with hundreds of New Dawn rosebuds. My great grandmother's old fashioned pink rosebushes are blossoming now instead of on their traditional Mother's Day. I had to cover them up last Wednesday night for the 35 degree light frost of blackberry winter. Yes, that's right, blackberries are blooming and will be ready to eat long before July.
My lilac bush is covered with pretty sweet-smelling blooms.  And, believe it or not, my mama and I picked two gallons of luscious sweet strawberries on April 6, a full five weeks before they regularly come in. We've already mowed our grass three times.  Our apple trees are sprouting tiny apples, which the deer are enjoying immensely.
I'm not sure what this early development means, but I am thankful for the wonderful weather and Mother Nature's show. April is one of my favorite times, probably because it's my birth month. Warm sunshine, a few rain showers, pretty flowers, and breezy days on the screened porch make me happy. I only hope that all these early warm days don't transition into a long hot dry summer.

Today is my birthday.
I will eat cake and have fun.
I will absolutely NOT act my age.