Monday, February 25, 2019

Seaside Cobblestones

Nature's muted colors combined beautifully with large hexagons in this throw sized quilt. Light aqua, soft brown and cream prints made me think of a cozy beach cottage.  

Measuring 42" x 53", Seaside Cobblestones is currently draped across the back of my bedroom chair.

The AccuQuilt half hexagon die made sewing this one quick and easy with all straight seams. The backing and binding is a tan and white crosshatch pattern.

Free motion quilting was done on my Flynn Frame. I stitched large swirls with medium tan thread in each hexagon first, then removed the frame to decorate the borders. Small swirls and applique stitching finished it off with flair.

Until I can get a beach trip scheduled, I'll just retreat to our bedroom and dream of the ocean.

“For her 
the ocean was 
more than a dream, 
it was a place she needed 
to visit to find herself.

And when she returned 
to the city, 
you could see 
the sun in her eyes, 
the wind in her hair, 
and the taste of 
the infinite salt 
on her lips.” 

 ~Jose Chaves

Monday, February 18, 2019

Bear Lake

Want a quick and easy project idea? I finished this pretty table mat in a day. Four bear paw blocks are made up from 3” half square triangles and 6” squares. 

A navy and turquoise color combination really stands out against the white & gray dotted sashing. Bear Lake is 21” square, with outline quilting done in straight stitch with white thread.

I also designed a throw size version in several color combinations using EQ8.  Think of it in rich brown and latte tan, pine green and creamy gold, or striking black and white.  It's a classic look that I'll make again. 

So many ideas that I'll never finish them all, which is a nice problem to have.  How could I ever get bored? 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Crimson Glory

Crimson Glory
It's time to share my latest modern replica of a Granny Rose quilt. I have made several reproductions of her work, using EQ8 to design and Accuquilt to cut.  

This interesting block was one from her box of unfinished items. It's an old one called glorified nine patch, although there are actually 13 pieces. I guess that's the glorified part. I don't know if this was a test block or if it was left over from a scrap quilt.

I decided on red and white prints with a few gray accents for a cheerful Valentine touch. Crimson Glory features the kite block combined with 2½” squares, so no curves to stitch. My modified version has 21 pieces for each block.  I'd sure hate to cut all 550+ with scissors.

The pieced bright red border frames everything nicely. Quilting was done with white thread, following the outlines and crossing the blocks diagonally. 

The back is a red and white diagonal stripe fabric, split by nine patch squares in a row. Final 48” x 58” size is just right for a throw.

In addition to her completed quilts, Jerold's granny clipped design ideas from ads in Progressive Farmer and other magazines, and I saved them all. She cut templates from paper sacks, making notes on them for color ideas and number of pieces to cut. I'm lucky to have this quilty treasure.  More inspiration for me!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Sassy Baby

Baby quilts are fun, quick and so cute! When I got my new Accuquilt Winding Ways die for Christmas, I just had to try it right away. To the scrap bin I went for contrasting fabrics to showcase the design.

Sassy Baby features pink, lime and cream prints and solids. These curves would have taken forever to cut out with scissors, but I was done in no time at all. The curved seams match precisely, creating lovely flowers and circles. The backing is a pink herringbone. I outline quilted with bright pink thread. Final size is 32” square.

Sassy Baby

I was quilting another project on the Flynn Frame yesterday afternoon. Turned away for a moment and Callie cat made herself right at home in the middle of my work. Does she think this is a kitty hammock or what?  😼  😸  😻