Monday, January 14, 2019

Domino Effect

I have a new layout for my creative space. It started with 
buying myself a new quilting tool. I wanted to use it right away but because it requires a bit more room around my sewing machine, I needed to clear off and rearrange my tables. Normally I'd shove stuff around, stack things in corners, and get busy quilting. I resisted the urge.

Instead, I took a day to evaluate my space and figure out the most efficient placement for everything. First, I took out all non-sewing objects that had found their way into my room. (Not sure how that happens, probably brought in by gremlins.) I shifted the tables around on paper first before actually moving them. I tried one setup, actually sewed a few pieces, but that seemed cramped. This roughly 12 x 11 room can fill up quickly!

After settling on a final layout, I reworked drawer and bin storage with similar items together, close to where they are used. That led to a lot of consolidating and eliminating. I tossed old magazines, untangled power cords, moved a pegboard to the end of my cutting table, dusted, and swept.

I decided I like fewer things sitting out on my tables. It looks spacious, neater and I don't have to move stuff out of the way to work. I borrowed a plastic drawer unit from a closet and tucked it under the cutting table to store projects in progress. The desk area does double duty, for either my laptop or another sewing machine.

I'm pleased with everything I've done so far. I have more to do: the closet shelves and the white cabinets need attention, plus I'm considering different under the table cabinets to replace the plastic ones.

Next time I'll tell you about my lovely new quilting frame, which caused the domino effect and led to a two-day reorganization of my space. It was definitely worth the effort. I'm inspired to create!


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