Monday, October 29, 2018

National Cat Day & More

Here's a shot of our sweet Callie taken this morning. She's stretched out in the sunshine, relaxed and happy. It's National Cat Day so she'll get a few extra treats to celebrate.
Wednesday is Halloween; we're going to dress up as old retired folks. OK, not really dressing up, just wearing our normal clothes. It's been a while, but I recall wonderful costumes for many Halloween celebrations at work.
I'm already stitching for Christmas! A charity project is in the works that will bring smiles to the faces of strangers during the holidays. What better way to celebrate?

Refrigerator Update: Still nothing. We have received two of the parts but the other is still pending, possibly on back order or sailing in on a slow boat from Korea. No one knows.

is the ability 
to count down 
before you blast off

Monday, October 22, 2018

Pretty Stars

While last week was busy, I did make time to relax by sewing a few random blocks. I like to experiment with scrap die cuts to see how well they might look in a quilt. It's nice to have the scraps already cut and sorted by size so that I can just start stitching. Most of the time I use EQ8 software to design but there's nothing like hands-on sewing to check that seams match.
These two different size Ohio Star blocks are lovely in aqua, purple and peach prints left over from other quilts. This will be a long term project in progress, sewing random blocks in similar colors when I have a few extra minutes. I haven't even thought about how to set them into a quilt, only that I'll use a white background in all of them. I'm sure several layouts will come to me when I get enough blocks finished.
For the time being I'll use the triangles and squares I've already cut, but my scrap baskets are nearly full, so I'll find an afternoon to add more. My sewing to do list is always long and interesting. I have too many ideas and not nearly enough time to finish them all.
I like to think this desire to create came from my ancestors.  They were women who took pride in the fact that they saved every scrap of fabric to make something beautiful or functional.

Refrigerator Update: Still broken. Two repairmen have come, compressor failure is the diagnosis. Parts are on order and should be here by Thursday. We did get approval for food spoilage refund from Lowe's. Their extended service people have been easy to work with and efficient. 
A word of warning, though, do not buy the LG refrigerator with a linear compressor. According to the repairmen, those compressors consistently fail after 2-3 years, even though it was highly recommended in initial reviews.  

Monday, October 15, 2018

Midnight Star

This week's quilt is my version of the Hunter's Star block, using pieces from the Accuquilt Lemoyne Star and 4 ½” square dies. Rich brown and cream print and a subtle midnight black swirl provides the contrast needed for a striking design. 
I added a 3 ½” leafy brown border to four 9” blocks to make a 25” square table or wall quilt. I straight stitched along each section in a square pattern with tan thread. Backing is the same brown leaf print. Midnight Star is another favorite; I plan to sew a bigger one later.  
It's finally feeling more like fall! Now that we're home from camping, the temperatures have dropped. I wasn't exactly planning for 90 degree days on our October retreat, but we still had a good time at Defeated Creek. There was a breeze off the lake and our site was shady. Two side trips had us exploring the Roller Coaster Yard Sale and the Granville Quilt Show I wrote about last week.
Our trip was relaxing, even with the heat. Good books, yummy food, and leisurely walks fit perfectly into my plan for taking things as they come and enjoying the journey.
One little monkey wrench when we got home Friday: our 3 year old refrigerator had quit. All food lost. Four trash bags full of mushy, thawed and questionable stuff. We plugged in our 24 year old frig; it is now running fine in the basement. 
Fortunately we have extended warranty, food spoilage reimbursement, and the repairman is expected today or tomorrow. Who knows how long it will take to get parts, fix or replace?   To be continued...

Monday, October 8, 2018

Granville Quilt Festival

On Saturday, we took a road trip to Granville, Tennessee. Our destination: a quilt show, part of their annual fall festival. Oh the quilts! Amazing designs, outstanding stitching, fabulous colors, and a combination of modern and old standard designs, all draped over the pews at Granville United Methodist Church.
My favorites were the antique and hand-quilted categories. Tiny, perfect hand stitches, in narrow rows only ¼” apart made me feel totally inadequate but inspired. The quilters featured in the show are all artists. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The festival was spread over the entire little town on the Cumberland River. Quilts were draped over porch rails on most of the historic homes. The E.B. Sutton General Store, the Granville Museum, and Sutton Historic Homestead featured 1950's quilts along with their regular displays.

Demonstrations of frontier life, spinning, weaving, blacksmithing, wood carving, basket weaving and more went on all day. Live music at the gazebo and a lakeside stage for Jazz on the Cumberland kept everyone entertained. Booths were nicely curated (no tacky cheap stuff or yard sale junk here). Most were Tennessee and Kentucky craftspeople. 

As a former tourism director, I want to congratulate Granville for an excellent festival. This was the most organized event I have ever seen in a little town. There were helpful volunteers everywhere, excellent signage, trams & golf carts to and from convenient parking areas, all the shops and homes were decorated and I'll bet all the residents were participating in some way.
If you want more info, has details.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Maple Syrup

I've been waiting to share this quilt until it felt more like fall. I mixed several dies to create four leaf blocks in rich autumn colors. 

Sashing is a coordinating vine print; backing and binding are a yellow and brown scalloped stripe. I quilted in straight lines with a creamy yellow thread. 

Maple Syrup is 27” square and could be used as a table mat or wall d├ęcor. It's hanging in my dining room now.

Autumn is a wonderful time of year. The crisp air is invigorating but relaxing. Brilliant leaves, cooler temperatures, hoodies, boots, camping, and fall festivals are my favorites. For the record, the pumpkin spice flavor craze in hundreds of foods and beverages is not for me. I love pumpkins as decorations but I can't stand the taste.
This year I plan to embrace the glory of fall by slowing down, taking it all in, and enjoying every moment. My life, my decisions, my journey.
shows us
how beautiful
it is to
let things go


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