Monday, July 30, 2018


Today's quilt is another great way to repurpose scraps, or useful remnants, from other projects. I cut 3½” squares of cream homespun cotton, then bordered it on two sides with 2½” strips of mixed bright colors. Old fashioned cream and black print 5” squares were cut to alternate with those blocks.

Corners is a fresh vintage style version of the attic window pattern. At 41” square, it could be used for a baby quilt, table mat, or wall hanging. Backing is a tan and cream stripe with scattered navy and dark red triangles. Quilting in a light tan thread follows the angles across the quilt. I used Nature's Touch 80/20 cotton batting for a slight loft. Stitching on it was smooth and easy with a walking foot.

So many projects planned, and it seems like so little time! Yeah, I know I'm retired but we always have things to do and places to go. No boredom around here! There's something new around every corner.  I always try to enjoy the journey, whether I'm mowing grass, cleaning house, or sewing a quilt.

Life is short.
Time is fast.
No replay.
No rewind.
So enjoy
every moment
as it comes.