Monday, January 29, 2018

Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen
This fun little quilt features windmill blocks made from 2 1/2” strips. The watermelon red, burnished gold, black and cream colors blend together beautifully. A cream and red vintage print nicely frames the blocks. Backed in a cheerful apple print, the 24” x 30” size is great for a table mat or wall decoration. It's quilted on the diagonal with a swirling leaf stitch.

Speaking of kitchens, I've been doing some reorganizing in ours this winter. Now that the pantry is sorted again (how does all that stuff get pushed to the back?), I can find things more easily. 

I also pared down my unruly collection of plastic food keepers. Out went old stained and cracked ones, odd lids and sizes; replaced with new clear stacking storage containers. These new ones (Brilliance by Rubbermaid) are leak proof and have a lifetime warranty. We'll see. They do take up less space in the cabinet and refrigerator.

A side note on storage: I found the prettiest little storage bins last week at Dollar Tree and could not resist! They are PURPLE to match my sewing room walls. 

I bought several sizes to hold current projects and to replace the shoe boxes I had been using for scrap storage in my rolling cart. Cute, huh?

Life's more fun
when you're organized.