Monday, December 18, 2017

Santa's Coming

I've been good this year, so I'm pretty sure Santa has me on his nice list. Just in case, I made him a quilt and a pillow. Santa's Coming is 44” square, and inspired by Christmas fabric I scored back in July. 

Seems like a perfect spot to settle down for a cozy nap on a drizzly December Monday, don't you think?

We made sugar cookies on Saturday but I'm absolutely certain they will not still be around on Christmas Eve. They are sooo delicious! 

I haven't made cookies or other sweet treats for a while since we have been striving to eat healthier. Christmas is the season to indulge but we will be back on track soon. I like these new smaller jeans way too much to risk gaining weight. 

Dear Santa:
I've been good all year,
no matter what
the evidence might suggest...