Monday, October 30, 2017

Candy Corn

Candy Corn
Tomorrow is Halloween, a day for fun, trick-or-treat, and candy.  This week's project is made of cute candy prints cut into equilateral triangles.  

Using an Accuquilt die made quick work of cutting and sewing.  Sized at 24" x 29", Candy Corn fits just right on my coffee table or kitchen bar. 

Notice the empty candy jar?  We've already gobbled up the first batch of Halloween treats. 

Monday, October 23, 2017


This comforting quilt was inspired by vintage ones made from Granny's feed sacks and calico dress scraps. The classic sawtooth star block is one of my favorites. Light gray is a neutral background for coral, navy, blue and green prints. Quilting is stitched in vertical rows 1” apart.

Stellar was finished in September, and is the right size (42” x 48”) for a wall hanging or throw. Now that nights are finally cooler, wouldn't it be nice to snuggle under with a good book and a cup of tea?

Go out and paint the stars.
For my part I know nothing
with any certainty,
but the sight of the stars
makes me dream.

~ Vincent Van Gogh ~

Monday, October 16, 2017

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar
Strip quilts are fast and easy, but still allow for creativity. Wine Cellar brings to mind sweet sangria and crisp, bubbly spumante. 

Coordinating wine and burgundy 2 1/2” strips are sewn alternately with a subtle cream print, then trimmed into 8” diagonal squares. The same cream Sedona print is used for sashing and backing. Quilting is simply stitched in 1 1/2” parallel rows. The tranquil 43” square would make a nice wall quilt.

I had a bonus week since we came home early from camping. After unloading and cleaning the camper, I spent most of my time sewing, designing, and reading. (Who would have guessed?) I would sew all day every day if I didn't have to eat and keep the house clean. And I've found that I can't drink wine while sewing.  Too many crooked seams.  I'm thankful that my sweetie has hobbies too, so he understands my addiction to fabric. 


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Know When To Fold 'Em

This is a late blog post because yesterday we broke camp and headed home from what was supposed to be a two week relaxing escape. Six months ago we made reservations at Dale Hollow Dam Campground. We envisioned bright fall days and crisp nights sitting around the campsite with nice breezes blowing through open windows. That didn't happen.

Our trip started great, an easy pull and smooth setup in our favorite site. We kept getting a whiff of something, maybe an RV needed to go dump or the wind was coming from the dumpster area. Nope. By the next day we realized that it was coming from the river, every time they let lake water through the sluice gates. Rotten sewer smell, enough to make you nauseated. Whatever was in that lake bed was extremely nasty. Be very glad photos don't convey scent.

So, windows closed, air conditioner on. OK, we can deal with that for a day or two, surely it won't last long. And it was ok at night, except for mosquitoes. But then rain came, making it hot and muggy and stinky. We explored around Celina, ate exceptional Mexican food at Los Primos, shopped the Roller Coaster yard sale. Campground was nearly full because it was fall break for several surrounding counties. Kids, dogs, noise.

We kept thinking it would cool off and that smell would go away. It didn't. Then yesterday morning, the power went off for several hours. Now it was hot and smelly and no AC. Enough already. No peaceful fall days, no crisp nights, can't sit outside, might as well go on home. Life's too short to waste time being miserable. At least we got a refund for the rest of the week. And Callie cat was happy to be sprung from the cat spa at Critter Clinic.

You've got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run.
The Gambler, Kenny Rogers/Don Schlitz

Monday, October 2, 2017

Twilight Stars

Twilight Stars
The friendship star block is a fairly easy one, made up of squares and half square triangles. Purple, true blue, and navy batiks with light gray centers show up beautifully against a sky blue background. This 40” x 52” size would be a nice crib or lap quilt. I sewed the top in August and finally quilted Twilight Stars on Saturday.

I put together a little bonus quilt from the scraps, called Grapesicle. I used my new equilateral triangle die to quickly cut pieces, so the front was done in a day. 

Backing is pieced in random strips of pink, purple, and gray, set in two rows. I stitched along the triangles for an overall diamond pattern and bound it with a gray stripe. It measures 22” x 26” and coordinates with the grape walls in my sewing room.


I just want the simple things. I want to lay on a blanket at twilight and look at the stars. I want to breathe deeply, then exhale out negativity. And I know it is within my power to do just that. So I did. I left crazy drama behind to walk straight toward simplicity and peace. I've never been happier.” – Author Unknown 



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