Monday, July 3, 2017

Fabric Jackpot!

Lawdy mercy, I have hit the fabric jackpot! On Friday, we went to a yard sale and found sewing supplies. I got a grocery sack full of assorted cotton material and a dozen zippers for $13, then headed home. Thought about what I left behind. Saturday afternoon, I went back and paid $50 for all the fabric she had left. Oh my, four huge boxes filled to the brim were loaded into the back of my Escape. Thanks, Mary!

What an awesome find! The majority is cotton, ranging from scrap pieces up to 6 yard lengths. The colors are beautifully varied, with lots of chevrons, dots, stripes, and novelty prints including a few Christmas and Halloween. I spent the rest of the weekend sorting, measuring, folding, and merging it into my inventory. I concentrated on anything over a half yard first. The grand total of quilting fabric from this big find so far is 147 yards

I haven't even counted the basket of small pieces. Those I will press and cut into strips, squares, and fat quarters. Useful Remnants indeed, perfect for scrap quilts.

I also haven't started to check out the last large bin of miscellaneous material. There's burlap, minky, cotton duck, upholstery pieces, flannel, knits and blends for clothing.

I will definitely have to reorganize my shelves. If you're interested in my inventory and storage system, link below for previous blog posts. One change I've made is wrapping the folded fabric around comic book boards (like a mini bolt) to keep it from falling over in the baskets. It has worked great for me, and doesn't take long, although normally I only have a few lengths at a time to document and fold.  The system certainly makes it easy to see if I have enough of a particular material and to find coordinating colors.

A friend told me she was glad I found the sale since I may have been in danger of running out. She knows me well.  I am sure of two things: I am addicted to fabric, and I never want to be cured. It is my happy place, so I am pretty sure I won't run out.  

For inquiring minds, 788 yards is my current inventory total, not counting the small scrap pieces.  That should keep me busy and out of trouble for a while.   


Love is 
not caring 
how much fabric 
your wife buys.