Monday, June 26, 2017

Kitchen DIY

How about this for a DIY project?

I'd been looking for a simple pot rack that would mount under the vent hood over my range. I didn't find anything I liked that would fit the space or my budget. Several photos on Pinterest gave me the idea to use black iron pipe. A quick trip to Lowe's and about $25 later, I had pipe, fittings, and spray paint. 

The S hooks were a challenge. I finally found what I needed at Dollar General...plant hanger S hooks in black satin metal...only $2 for four.

That didn't take long at all! It turned out to be a perfect sturdy pot rack to display three of our iron skillets.


Find beauty in the ordinary,
and you'll find joy in unexpected places.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Chocolate Batik Fantasy

I must have been craving chocolate when I made this table mat back in February. Who am I kidding? I crave chocolate EVERY DAY! It's a wonder more of my quilts aren't done in brown and mocha colors.

I've had the turquoise and chocolate floral print for a while and couldn't cut into it. Nothing spoke to me until I was inspired to make it the focal point. The single log cabin square is framed with turquoise and set on point inside the batik border. 

I used 5” slashed squares of mixed dots and purple batiks for the other side, keeping the same border fabric. Final 24” x 26” size is good for a wall hanging, too.

Now, where's the dark chocolate?

A balanced diet is
in both hands.

Chocolate is always the answer!
Who cares about the question?

Monday, June 12, 2017

Quick Summer Sewing

While I haven't posted much about sewing lately, I'm at the machine or designing every week. Here are a few small projects I've completed this spring and early summer. 

A quilted tote bag in gray, blue and turquoise is strip pieced from scraps. It has a zipper closure and is large enough to hold my tablet, makeup bag, and more.

The black garden tool print wallet has three zipper compartments to carry anything I need for a quick shopping trip: coupons, phone, lipstick, keys, cash, cards and ID.

A bright and cheery sunflower table mat features decorative stitching. Another little table mat has bright turquoise and black prints on one side and neutral gray and white on the other.

My favorite so far is this smaller purse made in crisp blue chambray with a coordinating stripe. It's perfect for summer. 

Finally, I whipped up a new valance for my laundry room using black ticking and a clothespin print, tied on with homespun strips. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Rainy Monday List

What to do on a rainy Monday? 

✓  Sleep late 
     (thankful to be retired)

✓  Enjoy hot coffee and a good book

✓   SEW!

✓  Shop online

✓  Light housekeeping

✓  Make homemade soup 
     (I REALLY want brownies)

✓  Update blog


Some people feel the rain.
Others just get wet.