Monday, May 1, 2017

Flat Horizontal Surfaces

Why do my tables, benches, and countertops attract stuff? It seems like I'm always clearing off the coffee table, kitchen and bath counters, desks, dressers, and, oh Lord, my sewing tables!

I'm a visual person and I love having pretty things around me. But I really like them neat and organized. I try to put items away after I use them, but, on the other hand, I want frequently used objects at my fingertips. Hmmm. Maybe too many projects at once? Or just too much furniture?

And, is a dust magnet somehow imbedded into all these flat surfaces? Hey, I have an idea...I'll put little dust mitts on Callie cat! She is clearly attracted to tables.

Y'all have a good week. I'll be dusting, tossing clutter, and making the counters shine.

is nothing more than
postponed decisions.
Barbara Hemphill