Monday, November 28, 2016

Fine Stitching

Oh how I love my new Janome! She has a quiet purr as she stitches along, even at the racy speeds that I sew. She's a time saver, too, because the presser foot automatically comes down when I press on the accelerator. All I need to do is align the fabric and go.

Of course, I've already completed several projects since I brought her home. These pillows for our living room went quickly since I already had them cut. I designed a dark red table mat and coaster set to showcase some of the beautiful stitching. 

Even with the mass quantities of fabric and thread I already own, my Black Friday online shopping cart was filled with more. I mean, how could I resist 75% off quilting thread, 60% off fabric pre-cuts, and free shipping? And I wouldn't want to run out...

Money can't buy happiness,
but it can buy sewing supplies.
And that's pretty close.