Monday, May 16, 2016

From Another Point Of View

Last week we had almost six inches of rain in an hour. Our basement ended up with over an inch of water on one side. We spent four hours with two shop vacs, pulled up sopping carpet and moved shelves out of the way. It's finally dried out, thank goodness.

A crisis can make you look at things from another point of view. It certainly made us ask some questions: Weren't we going to clean up down here last winter? Why in the world do we have so much stuff in the basement? Did we really need to keep that? Why was this cardboard box on the floor?

Live and learn. It's not like we are hoarders. Well, maybe we do hang on to a few potentially useful objects “just in case” or for future projects. Most of those were on shelves. At least we didn't put back as much as we took out. Decisions are easier to make when the consequences are fresh in your mind. If we didn't even remember having it, we surely don't need it now.

Looking at the bright side, nothing important was lost. The basement floor has been mopped and there's no more carpet. We vacuumed behind shelves and under the stairs. We have fewer items down there and a plan to eliminate more. 

I like this point of view.