Monday, March 7, 2016

Crazy Week, Bad Cat

I'm not sure where last week went. Maybe the leap day had something to do with feeling like I was marching in place. Looking back, we actually got a lot done but it was a little crazy and sure went by quickly. Between voting, errands, and routine stuff, I was able to sew.

Crazy Spring Geese
This bright flying geese lap quilt took a while to cut, lay out, and stitch together. I love the greens and turquoise in contrast with bright white, perfect for spring. I used variegated thread to outline the triangles and sew long swirling trails down the middle. I finished it up on Saturday afternoon, snapped a few photos and spread it on the back of the couch. It turned out exactly like I wanted and I was so pleased with my work.

Twenty minutes later, I walked through the living room and the quilt was all bunched up. Apparently Callie cat had attacked it and punched several holes and a few tiny rips in it with her sharp little claws! BAD CAT!!! I don't know whether she didn't like the colors or just didn't want it on the couch. Strange, since she normally likes to sleep on any quilt or fabric I have lying around. I chased her out the back door, where she was banished for several hours. Needless to say, I was furious.

So, here's the outcome:  I was challenged to repair the quilt in a creative way. I covered the holes (which were right in the middle) using a decorative triangle stitch with the variegated thread. The quilt is more embellished than I had planned. It is NOT on the couch. The bad cat is still alive. But she can no longer be trusted and will be carefully supervised while indoors from now on.  

La Vida Loca!

“Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose.” --Garrison Keillor

“My cat is not insane, she's just a really good actress.” --P.C. Cast, Untamed

"When a cat rips a quilt, embellish it!" --me