Monday, March 28, 2016

Month's End


Wow, March is nearly gone! I know I've been busy but this month has flown by like a whirlwind. I absolutely love the sewing projects that I completed. In addition to the crazy cat quilt I already posted about, I finished an adorable purse, spring eyelet valences for our dining room, and a quilted batik throw. The muted beachy colors on this one are so soothing. Now my favorite easy chair in the bedroom will remind me of my favorite beach.

This mid-sized purse is perfect to carry my tablet and extra stuff when I'm out for the day. I found the unique linen fat quarter printed with antique playbills and ads while shopping online, then contrasted with black and cream ticking handles and borders. The decorative leather closure with added wooden beads is recycled from an old purse handle.

Camping is on our horizon, so I won't be in my sewing room as much.  Restocking the camper after a long winter takes a little time.  However, project design is always on my mind. Being away from home triggers my creativity. I usually shop for fabric, sketch ideas, and design quilts in EQ7 during our trips. I always find fresh inspiration from nature and new locations.

“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.” ~Dorothy Parker

“Creative people do not see things merely for what they are,
they see them for what they can be.” ~ Julie Israel

Monday, March 21, 2016

You Know It's Spring When...

you just have to air out your house
drive with your windows down
hang the sheets outside in the breeze
then the sneezing begins

those pretty Bradford pears bloom
(and begin to stink)
the grass is suddenly a brilliant green
(mowing isn't far behind)

you see people wearing shorts with a sweater
or other unfortunate revealing combinations
because one day it's 80 degrees, the next day there's frost
so you keep flipping between heat and AC

you have an uncontrollable urge to:
clean out your closet
pack away coats, boots, and dark colors
wear something cheerfully bright
redecorate, lighten up and toss clutter
buy tulips for your kitchen table
clean off the porch, then just sit for a while
listen to the birds sweet song
bite the head off a chocolate Easter bunny
get up and walk off those winter pounds
let the sun shine on your face
explore the garden center
and so on...

Just pick something and do it. Enjoy Spring!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Crazy Week, Bad Cat

I'm not sure where last week went. Maybe the leap day had something to do with feeling like I was marching in place. Looking back, we actually got a lot done but it was a little crazy and sure went by quickly. Between voting, errands, and routine stuff, I was able to sew.

Crazy Spring Geese
This bright flying geese lap quilt took a while to cut, lay out, and stitch together. I love the greens and turquoise in contrast with bright white, perfect for spring. I used variegated thread to outline the triangles and sew long swirling trails down the middle. I finished it up on Saturday afternoon, snapped a few photos and spread it on the back of the couch. It turned out exactly like I wanted and I was so pleased with my work.

Twenty minutes later, I walked through the living room and the quilt was all bunched up. Apparently Callie cat had attacked it and punched several holes and a few tiny rips in it with her sharp little claws! BAD CAT!!! I don't know whether she didn't like the colors or just didn't want it on the couch. Strange, since she normally likes to sleep on any quilt or fabric I have lying around. I chased her out the back door, where she was banished for several hours. Needless to say, I was furious.

So, here's the outcome:  I was challenged to repair the quilt in a creative way. I covered the holes (which were right in the middle) using a decorative triangle stitch with the variegated thread. The quilt is more embellished than I had planned. It is NOT on the couch. The bad cat is still alive. But she can no longer be trusted and will be carefully supervised while indoors from now on.  

La Vida Loca!

“Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose.” --Garrison Keillor

“My cat is not insane, she's just a really good actress.” --P.C. Cast, Untamed

"When a cat rips a quilt, embellish it!" --me


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