Monday, February 15, 2016

Winter Leftovers

Another winter project complete! I've used more leftover black and white print fabric plus a modern teal and black print that I've been saving for a while. The result is a high contrast nine block quilt called Center Crossroads. Even with the little pieces, I finished this one in a day and a half.

My secret? A disappearing four patch technique. It starts as a large four patch block of two contrasting fabrics, which is then sliced up and rearranged. As long as you keep your rotary cutter sharp and your ruler steady, the seams match up nicely. I experimented with a diagonally sliced block for the back, so this lap quilt is reversible.

Whoever thought of this method is a genius. I imagine it's a rotary cutter invention. I don't remember seeing the technique in older quilting magazines or patterns. And I just can't imagine Granny Rose or Granny Hill cutting up a completed quilt block with scissors to rearrange it, but maybe they did. Those women were pretty resourceful and could have used short cuts that they kept to themselves.

Useful Notion: Cutting fabric into little squares and sewing it back together may sound like insanity, but it actually keeps me from going to pieces.

Any day spent sewing is a good day.