Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Woven Scraps and Snow Cream

I'm staying true to my loose ends theme with this latest lap quilt. I used up more scraps and completed another unfinished project. I sewed these random strips last spring while we were camping, with the idea of using them as a border. As I laid some out on the design wall, another thought came to mind. I sewed a simple rail fence block using solid pale yellow on either side of the scrappy strips. Depending on how you look at it, they appear woven like a lawn chair or floating on a field of yellow. 

We had nearly nine inches of fluffy, beautiful snow last Friday and Saturday, one of the biggest 24-hour totals I've seen since we moved up here on the ridge. For once the weather folks were nearly spot-on in their predictions. It was perfect for snow cream! I made two big batches of sweet goodness, then worked it off by shoveling the back sidewalk.

Useful Notion: Quilters never grow old. They just go to pieces.