Monday, August 31, 2015

Late Summer Notes

Full Circle
I had a little time to play in the sewing room last week, so I decided to refresh my curved seams technique. They aren't really as difficult as they look if you cut and sew precisely. These burgundy and tan prints from my stash made the perfect tote for autumn days.

My mama and I have had more time together lately and we've both had fun. We went for sassy new hairdos, explored the library, looked for shoes, and sat out on our screened porch to read with huge glasses of sweet tea. Our late August cool spell came at just the right time.

Sometimes I wonder how people and businesses who don't treat people well keep their friends or stay in business. They say one thing but do another, they don't communicate clearly, and when questioned, they transfer blame to someone else. I found the ideal quote to help figure them out.

When someone's words and actions 
aren't lining up,

go with their actions, every time.

Actions say what words won't.”