Monday, June 8, 2015

Seven Things I Could Really Do Without

Reality TV – Who in the universe thinks any of this is real? It's a tv show, with a script and cameras, for heaven's sake. One or two of them were slightly entertaining, but now every network, including the weather and history channels, has multiple “reality” series that are just tiresome and stupid.

Drug ads – I do not want to learn about medication side effects like diarrhea, swelling of tongue or throat, vaginal discharge, erections that last four hours, bloating, gas, constipation, and bleeding while I'm cooking dinner or trying to read an article in Better Homes and Gardens. If I want to know, I'll look it up myself or ask my doctor.

Gossip presented as news – National and local newscasts lead with stories about someone who has had a sex change operation or molested a family member. Then the same story repeats for days, with opinions from anyone who will comment. Oh, and by the way, that person has a new book/tv show/movie coming out next week. Who cares? I want to hear real news stories, not crap, marketing ploys, or someone's opinion.

Too much skin – Please keep your clothing in its proper place, not yanked down, pulled up, or hanging half off of your body. I do not care to see your underwear or the tattoos you have on your butt, your boobs, or below your bikini line while I am eating at a restaurant or shopping. Save showing off your fine (or not so fine) self for the lake, the pool, or the privacy of your own home.

Weather panic – There's a thunderstorm or snow predicted! Go to your safe place! There's water ponding on the not drive! They're zoomed in to street level for a tiny orange speck on the radar. I'm glad we have access to early warning weather information, but these panicky sounding weather people make a little storm line sound like a catastrophic major event for days before it arrives. 
Movie remakes – If the original movie was good, it should stand on its own. That's why they're called classics. If it wasn't, then why bother to make the exact same film again? Lazy Hollywood ought to come up with original ideas. There are plenty of interesting novels that would make great films.

Formulated “music” - The sing-song chanting stuff that is being passed off as music is just horrible. You can't tell one whiny singer from the other, pop or country. None of them can carry a tune and most go outside their range to the point of screeching. The same four word chorus is repeated over and over and over again and called a hit because it fits some formula.

Thank goodness I can choose to avoid most of these by changing the channel, muting or turning off the offending sounds or shows. If only I could erase images seared onto my brain of people's inappropriate and unfortunate choices for public attire.