Monday, May 4, 2015

Marvelous May!

Cinco de Mayo: Since I love Mexican food, you can bet I'll celebrate by enjoying chips, guacamole, a big plate of Pollo Loco and an icy cold bottle or two of Pacifico.

Mother's Day: Without my quirky and hard working mama, I wouldn't be the woman I am today. She always took good care of me, so now I'm returning the favor with love. I'm grateful that I can talk with her daily, and that she's still a feisty redhead. Thanks, Sam!

Flowers: My yard is full of spring flowers and I love them all! Pale and dark pink peonies, delicate white azaleas, violet tall phlox, purple, peach, white and yellow iris, hot pink carnations, sweet smelling lilacs and heavenly roses in yellow, orange and pink.

Strawberries: I don't grow them but Portland berries are the sweetest and best. They're beginning to come in, so I'm heading to Bradley's for a crate of these juicy delights.

My mama taught me that I had the power to achieve my dreams, to find my own way, and to be responsible for myself.” ~ Katie Scarlett