Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Day

I'm impatiently waiting to see the 6" to 10" of snow that the weather dummies predicted for today.  So far there's about an inch of ice pellets with another inch of snow on top of that.  Lately it seems they always get whipped into a weather frenzy and over-predict.  I hope there's at least enough for snow cream! 

Woodland Retreat
While I wait, what to do on a snow day?  Hot coffee, of course, and read the hilarious book that I started yesterday.  Monday is usually housecleaning day but since it looks pretty good, a few hours in the sewing room sounds like more fun. 

Vanilla Cream Lace
Although today I'm wearing a warm flannel shirt, I did finish two crochet vests this month.  I love the blended, almost camo look of Woodland Retreat.  The light and airy Vanilla Cream Lace went fairly quickly.  

I'll never outgrow the excitement 
of looking out my window 
and seeing falling snow.