Monday, January 26, 2015

Say Yes Or No

When someone asks you a yes or no question, answer it simply.

Yes.    No.    Maybe.

Then wait. 

If there's a need for additional information, let them request it. You decide whether or not to share any more based on who's doing the asking.

It isn't necessary to volunteer details, embellish, make excuses, justify, describe your history or list reasons behind your decision. Most people don't want to hear them anyway. They probably just want the simple answer.

The people who matter most will likely be satisfied with the answers you give. Who cares about anyone else? Many are just nosy and only want the drama, the gossip, or the juicy details of your life. Giving extra information makes them think they are entitled to know everything about you. And it isn't their business.

Keep it simple. Resist the urge to offer explanations. Be confident in your decisions. You choose what to share with others. Be a little mysterious. The only person you have to prove anything to is yourself.

Don't underestimate me.
I know more than I say,
think more than I speak,
and notice more than you realize.”

Don't try to explain yourself to stupid people.
You aren't the jackass whisperer.”