Monday, January 12, 2015

Adventure Awaits


:  an exciting or remarkable experience  
:  a bold, risky, or unusual undertaking

Life should not be boring. Planned, unplanned, big, and small adventures should happen often. Don't miss them when they come along.

Most people think of adventure as travel, and there's an entire world of magical places to see. Go when you can. But, you don't have to be Indiana Jones chasing historic finds, or Jack Sparrow sailing the wild seas. Adventure awaits in your recliner, in your back yard, and in your hometown.

"There's no end to the adventures we can have 
if only we seek them with our eyes open."  
~Jawaharial Nehru

You see, it all begins in your mind. You can make even the most mundane activity into a marvelous adventure by changing the way you see or do it. Slow down, then look around for opportunities that present themselves. If they don't appear, make your own.

Say yes to new things.  Learn or try something inspiring.
Change your surroundings.  Redecorate. 
Listen to a different genre of music.  Create or admire art. 
Experiment with food choices.
Go on a road trip with someone fun. 
Take a wrong turn now and then.
Have an escapade!  Laugh and be silly.

The world is full of marvels.