Monday, June 9, 2014

Odds, Ends, and Junior

First and foremost, Dale Earnhardt Jr. won yesterday at Pocono! Although I'm not as wildly passionate about him as I was his Dad, he is my favorite active NASCAR driver. Second win of the year gives him a shot at the championship in this new format. Go Junior!

88 - 88 - 88

While we were camping last week, the deer apparently knew we weren't home and planned a raid on the smorgasbord of flowers in our yard. Massive hosta are reduced to stalks; my favorite roses were nibbled down to nubs. Of course they didn't bother the wild ginger or poison ivy. They have the whole woods, why do they need to graze up next to our house? 

Wittle do dey know dat I have my Elmer Fudd hunting hat and shotgun all weddy to twack dem wascally critters down...Wevenge will be mine!

** - ** - **

You never know what you'll see at the campground. People watching is one of our favorite activities. Some sights and sounds are indescribable and cannot be revealed. This trip included rednecks, unruly dogs, and questionable wardrobe choices. I'll leave you with this one. Picture a medium height, slightly chunky man with a beer belly, sporting a straw cowboy hat, wearing a form fitting green tee shirt with bright blue and white Hawaiian print knee length swim trunks, clomping down the path in a pair of cowboy boots, guzzling a beverage from a pink can coozie.  

No, he wasn't my guy, and yes, I was afraid to snap a photo.