Monday, April 14, 2014

Sixty Is Sensational

I'm celebrating my sixtieth birthday this week. WOW. That's an age I once thought of as ancient. Now that I'm here, sixty doesn't seem so old after all.   I'm not too fat and I'm still very sassy.   I'm healthy and have a reasonable number of brain cells left. 
I'm enjoying my life, my home, and my sweet husband. We're happily retired. Every morning is the start of a new adventure, whether it's  cleaning house or going camping. 
I'm lucky to have the power to choose how I want to experience life. I've learned to slow down and savor every moment. And that the feeling of having enough is liberating. 
What's not to like about all that? Here's to my magical and sensational sixties!

"You aren't really 60. Just 21 with 39 years experience!" - Anonymous