Monday, February 17, 2014

Releasing Tension

Lydia's Cross
I've been a busy woman lately. Chores, errands, appointments and projects have taken up most of my time. Nevertheless, I was able to carve out some time for sewing, even if only thirty minutes a day. Doing something I love helps me release tension and stress.

One cold day I measured and calculated the dimensions to one of my favorite Granny Rose antique quilt blocks. I was never able to find the exact pattern anywhere, so I've recreated it.  I believe it's her own design variation of Grandmother's Cross and Nine Patch Star. I've named it Lydia's Cross, and I'm using mixed color scraps like she did. The final quilt will be revealed later.

My new quilted wallet is created from remnants. It has eight slots for cards and two pockets for cash and my checkbook. The snap front keeps everything tucked safely inside.

Another afternoon, I created something useful from an old tee and a sweatshirt. I cut off the bands and zig-zagged the raw edges. Then I made little snips in a semi-circular pattern along the neckline, weaving in a continuous one inch strip from the tee. I added a border to the bottom with the remaining tee fabric. The result is a cute top to wear while hanging out at home on cold winter days.

Useful Notion: Every hour spent doing something you love results in at least four hours of peacefulness.