Monday, February 3, 2014



: to set free

: to stop holding on

: to allow to leave confinement 
: to relieve from something that burdens or oppresses

What a powerful word! How liberating it is to let go of thoughts or things that are no longer needed. Doing so opens the mind to consider new ideas. It is difficult to move forward when clutter is holding you down like an anchor. 
Last week I released old carpet to be recycled, and sent more unused items along for others to enjoy. It's amazing what you find when you have to move everything out of two bedrooms and closets. It's easy to overlook everyday surroundings. The rooms look fresh with new carpet; simple décor will make them easier to keep neat. 
I'm still simplifying, and now I'm letting go of old habits, clutter, and anything that holds me back.

Useful Notion: Have less, do more, be more.