Monday, January 20, 2014

Simply Easier

My focus on back to basics is well under way. It's refreshing to look at my home with a new perspective. While I go about my normal routines, I take a few extra minutes to find ways to simplify. If possible, I make changes immediately. More extensive ideas are put on my list to implement later.

This shelf was stored in my hall closet for a couple of years. I love it but didn't have a good place for it. Now it hangs above the dryer in my laundry room, holding blue Ball jars filled with laundry products. It's pretty, it's handy, and I don't have ugly plastic jugs on the dryer. Those are now hidden in the cabinets over the sink. Clear space for folding clothes, and it only took about ten minutes!

Speaking of clothes and shoes, I've been purging them as well. Two large bags are already gone and I have three more ready to haul to Goodwill. Fewer clothes means less closet clutter and time saved figuring out what to wear. And I don't need so many dresses or high heels any more.

The emphasis is currently on our bedroom since new carpet is on the horizon. We'll have to move everything; a real incentive to pare down what comes back into the room.

The process of streamlining is satisfying, so I'm in no particular hurry. Looking for ways to reduce clutter, finding hidden treasures, organizing and decorating are fun for me. Making life easier along the way is an added benefit.

Useful Notion
“Simplicity is making the journey of this life 
with just baggage enough.”
~ Charles Warner

Callie Cat watching the goings on in my sewing room
during the fabric sort last week