Monday, December 30, 2013

Out With The Old

I believe I've had enough of 2013. Yes, there were good times, fun, and happy days. But there was a lot more stress, sadness, and difficulty than usual for me this year. I am determined to put all that behind me; to move forward into 2014 with a clean slate.

To that end, I have been cleaning house, both physically and mentally. Cleaning and organizing my home puts me in a positive frame of mind. I function better and feel more motivated when things are in order. Purging things I no longer use or need gives me room to enjoy those that I love. Eliminating clutter frees up time and space.

Tossing out old thoughts and negativity clears my head and opens up space for happiness and peace of mind. I'm keeping the lessons learned but losing the difficult experiences. I'm hanging on to happy memories but letting go of sadness. I'm steering away from negative people and moving toward those who make my life better. I'm purging old habits, excuses, and time wasters, so that I can be free to explore new paths.

These last few days of 2013 are for clearing out the old, so I'll have space for what comes in 2014.  Here's hoping for a Happy New Year full of joy and laughter!

Life is overflowing with the new. But it is necessary to empty out the old to make room for the new to enter.”  -- Eileen Caddy