Monday, August 19, 2013

Rearranging Furniture

Wow, a busy week completed and another already started here at Casa Ireland. Even with normal housework, appointments, mowing two yards, and checking on my mama, I found time for a few extras.

First, for our anniversary my sweetheart bought me a fabulous tiger oak sideboard at a local antique mall. The label says Home Furniture Company, East York, PA. There's no date but I'm thinking early 1920's. They manufactured oak dining furniture from 1898 to 1928, when they changed to radio cabinets and bedroom suites. It is exactly what I was looking for and matches my other tiger oak pieces perfectly. I love the detail on the doors!

Getting a new piece of furniture means rearranging...not only the room where it will be, but overflow into other rooms. I had to unload the china cabinet to move it, which led to cleaning the glass shelves, finding forgotten treasures, and reorganizing the shelves. I dusted baseboards and chair rails, swept and swiffered, rehung pictures and wall d├ęcor. I brought in his old Philco radio to sit on the new sideboard, moved a mirror to the hallway. My dining room sparkles and looks totally redecorated.

We already have a house full of stuff, so I donated one old filing cabinet and plan to sell another piece. I have two boxes of stuff from the kitchen and dining room ready to go to Goodwill. After dealing with an estate sale, my plan is to simplify and purge our household items. This year and from now on, the one in, one out (maybe two out) rule will apply to nearly everything. My fabric and his electronics are excluded, of course.

By the way, I know that the current trend is not brown furniture. I don't follow trends, I use what I like. I decorate for my own happiness, pleasure and comfort.  

Decorating Golden Rule:  
Live with what you love