Monday, July 29, 2013

Life's Rhythms

This has been an eventful year with lots of highs and lows. I've learned lessons, managed challenges, and tried to stay flexible.

It seems to me that the best way to handle life is to roll with its rhythms. Things happen that aren't in our plans. Sometimes the changes are nice surprises; other times they aren't. No matter which way, you have the choice to resist or adjust, panic or stay calm. How you respond is up to you.

Here are three tips that might help:

Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to. Being informed is helpful only up to a point. If you're not going to do anything with the information, why ask for it?

You can't fix or figure out crazy. Not going to happen. It's a waste of your time, energy, and brain cells to even try.

Let it be. Sometimes it's better to step back and wait. Life might make the right decision for you. Things don't always need to be micro-managed. They work out on their own without your input.

You can't plan life. Because no matter how perfect your plan is, life has a way to rearrange it.” - Mina Deanna