Monday, June 17, 2013

Crafting At The Campground

There's always plenty to do while we are camping. We walk trails, fish, ride our bikes, meet new people, go sightseeing, read, relax by the campfire, and watch wildlife (both human and animal) for entertainment. Even when we spend two weeks in the same place, we haven't been bored yet. 

I usually take some kind of craft project along, because I love to create. This trip I was crocheting cotton spa washcloths.
They're simple, quick and easy. I can work on them outside in a comfy lawn chair or in the camper while watching TV.

A couple of years ago I found a cute little Singer sewing machine for $10 at a yard sale. Now I keep it in the camper so I'm ready to sew. I set it up outside on a folding table and stitch away. If it's too windy or rainy, I stay inside and use the desk. I have brought along fabric scraps to piece into quilt squares, and once I made a skirt. 

I always have colored pencils and journals for sketching scenery or jotting down ideas, and the sketch program on my tablet is awesome. Sometimes the coolest things occur to you while you're not at home.  

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."  Edward de Bono

**Full disclosure about our camping: we are not roughing it by any stretch of the imagination. We have a new thirty-three foot fifth wheel trailer with two slide-outs, heat and air conditioning, flat screen satellite tv, computers, and plenty of storage space for food, clothing and supplies.