Monday, May 13, 2013

Thanks Sam!

I took my own advice from last week's blog and wrote dozens of notes in a little book for my mama, Sam.  I told her what was special about her, why I loved her, and that I appreciated everything she has done for me over the last fifty-nine years of my life.  I ran out of pages before I ran out of things to say.  She loved it and we had a wonderful day together. 

Here are a few of my favorites, along with photos of our beautiful flowers that we both love to tend.

I love that you are a sassy redhead

I got my love of flowers and plants from you

You taught me the joy of living

You showed me that girls can cut grass & fix stuff

I inherited your tendency to move furniture often

Thanks for those Saturday trips to the library...Reading is still something I love

You taught me to sew and cook

You gave me your love of SHOES and clothes!
I'm proud that you're my mama

You showed me how to speak my mind

I got my work ethic from you

You were a fun scout leader

You drove me and my friends all over town—skating, bowling, swimming

I love you because you are Sam  
Without you I wouldn't be the woman I am today