Monday, April 8, 2013

Finally Spring!

The past two days have been gorgeous and sunny. After a cloudy and cold March, we finally got a glimpse of more spring-like weather for April. My, how I love the feel of warm sunshine on my face! 

Energized and inspired, I got busy around the house. With windows open and clothes hanging on the line, I raked pine needles, mulched flower beds, cleaned off the back porch, swept the sidewalks, and mowed grass with my Mustang. Afterward, I did a little porch sittin' to breathe in the fresh air.

Thinking about shaking off winter blues prompted me to pull out these two cheerful blue and white projects. I designed Whitey's Blues back in January. The queen size quilt, Charming Squares, was completed several years ago. They'll make a pretty combination to brighten up my guest room. 

Spring is a time to refresh and renew, whether it's in nature, our homes or ourselves. I'm ready to get back to spring cleaning, but with frequent breaks to clear my mind and enjoy my surroundings.

"Spring is when life's alive in everything." —Christina Rossetti