Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Excuse To Sew

Summer Garden Paths
During the recent week of 100+ temperatures, I stayed inside as much as possible. I do not like hot weather, at least not that hot. It was a perfect time to indulge my sewing habit. Two new quilts, for wall decor or table runner, are nearly done. I made a pillow from the block I used to experiment with quilting stitches. A couple of new cotton shirts and a breezy summer dress are finished, and I shortened an old but favorite wrap skirt.

I have dozens of quilts, more than enough to cover the beds and walls of my home. I don't need to make new clothes or purses since my closets are already overflowing. I just can't help myself...I love sewing, quilting and creating things out of beautiful pieces of fabric. It's an addiction and I don't want a cure!

Purple Log Stacks & Teal Mixed Squares
Little Garden Square

 “The best thing to do in hot weather is stay inside and play.” –Anonymous