Monday, July 2, 2012

And The Heat Goes On

I thought last week at the campground was hot enough. We came home a day early and am I glad we did! This string of temperatures over 100, along with the previous dry weather, has just about done in our yard and my flowers. My mama kept up with watering my roses and the plants on and around the screened porch, but our poor garden, blackberries, and the rest of the yard are parched.  She pampered our Rowdy dog with cool dips and naps on the porch. 

I don't believe I've ever seen crispy brown grass and wilted yellowing leaves this early. Our high temp so far here on the ridge was 106. A digital laser thermometer showed our grass at 152 degrees yesterday afternoon.  No wonder established shrubs and trees are showing stress, and even the cursed invasive wild ginger vine is drying up. (At least now I know what will kill it.) Unfortunately, poison ivy and other weeds don't seem to be affected. There's no telling what July and August will bring.

I intend to stay inside, drink lots of iced tea, and sew. During our trip, I designed several new sewing projects with my EQ software. Funny how I gravitated toward cooler greens and blues. Here's a sneak peak: 

Remember, these designs are copyrighted by Katie Scarlett designs & Useful Remnants.  Please give credit if you share or link.