Monday, July 30, 2012

Exasperating People

We all encounter folks who are just plain aggravating. Some of them enjoy making difficulties for others; some don't realize they are acting inappropriately; some just don't care. Maybe they cross our paths for a reason; to make us think, to remind us of how lucky we are, or to slow us down. Sometimes their actions are simply unexplainable, causing us to throw up our hands, shake our heads and scream.

Coworkers or relatives with these characteristics are difficult to avoid. They push our buttons and cause stress in our lives. Even when we try to help them, they react with excuses, denial and accusations. All of us probably know or have encountered some like these:
  • Adults who use silent treatment, gossip, manipulation, and act like spoiled children if they don't get their way
  • Ungrateful twerps who constantly take advantage of the generosity of others, yet never offer help to anyone else
  • Lazy people who exert more effort trying to avoid work than they would if they just did the job in the first place
  • Complainers who whine about what they deserve, how they didn't get a break, and why they shouldn't have to take responsibility
  • Individuals who use delay tactics, assign blame to others, offer excuses, justifications, lies and runarounds
  • People who always look for the negative, find fault with everything, then wallow in their own unhappiness
  • Those who want something for nothing and constantly try to beat the system
  • Know-it-alls who just have to get the last word, no matter what the topic or situation
When these toxic people can't or won't change, it's best for our own peace of mind to ignore them. Cut them loose and leave them to their unfortunate, negative existence. After all, we are responsible for our own well being and have the power to choose who stays in our lives.

Useful Notion: Don't be used or worn out like an old doormat. Avoid contact with those who cause unnecessary drama. Keep a bright, positive outlook and don't join in on anyone's pity party. Let them live under a cloud if they choose to do so.

"Life is short and unpredictable.  Don't waste another minute on people, places and things that don't make you happy."  --Robert Tew

Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Excuse To Sew

Summer Garden Paths
During the recent week of 100+ temperatures, I stayed inside as much as possible. I do not like hot weather, at least not that hot. It was a perfect time to indulge my sewing habit. Two new quilts, for wall decor or table runner, are nearly done. I made a pillow from the block I used to experiment with quilting stitches. A couple of new cotton shirts and a breezy summer dress are finished, and I shortened an old but favorite wrap skirt.

I have dozens of quilts, more than enough to cover the beds and walls of my home. I don't need to make new clothes or purses since my closets are already overflowing. I just can't help myself...I love sewing, quilting and creating things out of beautiful pieces of fabric. It's an addiction and I don't want a cure!

Purple Log Stacks & Teal Mixed Squares
Little Garden Square

 “The best thing to do in hot weather is stay inside and play.” –Anonymous

Monday, July 9, 2012

Flowing With Life's Rhythms

There should be an easy rhythm to daily life. When everything is going smoothly, you feel in sync with your surroundings. There's a sense of peace, joy, accomplishment, and satisfaction with yourself. That comfort level isn't easy to maintain, however, because circumstances have a knack of changing just when you think you're on the perfect path.

Having basic routines can help you feel more in control of your time. And that's less stressful, too. This isn't to say that life should be a strict, boring and monotonous set of rules. If you make a habit of scheduling necessary activities, you can easily respond to anything else that comes your way. Following routines can actually help you become more flexible, which allows you to enjoy precious free time.

You shouldn't have to rush wildly through every week, cramming in more than you can possibly handle. Set your own itinerary, whether you like a fast pace or a more leisurely journey. Filter out what really doesn't matter. Simplify your home and your schedule to fit your expectations, not those of others. Fill your time with the things, people, and activities that make you smile.

Useful Notion: Find the best rhythm for your life, then roll with the flow.

Monday, July 2, 2012

And The Heat Goes On

I thought last week at the campground was hot enough. We came home a day early and am I glad we did! This string of temperatures over 100, along with the previous dry weather, has just about done in our yard and my flowers. My mama kept up with watering my roses and the plants on and around the screened porch, but our poor garden, blackberries, and the rest of the yard are parched.  She pampered our Rowdy dog with cool dips and naps on the porch. 

I don't believe I've ever seen crispy brown grass and wilted yellowing leaves this early. Our high temp so far here on the ridge was 106. A digital laser thermometer showed our grass at 152 degrees yesterday afternoon.  No wonder established shrubs and trees are showing stress, and even the cursed invasive wild ginger vine is drying up. (At least now I know what will kill it.) Unfortunately, poison ivy and other weeds don't seem to be affected. There's no telling what July and August will bring.

I intend to stay inside, drink lots of iced tea, and sew. During our trip, I designed several new sewing projects with my EQ software. Funny how I gravitated toward cooler greens and blues. Here's a sneak peak: 

Remember, these designs are copyrighted by Katie Scarlett designs & Useful Remnants.  Please give credit if you share or link. 


1930's accountability Accuquilt adapt addiction adjust adventure advice affirmations amazing antiques attitude autumn baby quilt balance be yourself beach beauty birthday blessing bliss BlockBase Blue Wren breathe brightness camping card trick cat challenge change chevrons chips & salsa chocolate choice Christmas closet clothes clutter coffee color contentment cooking crafts crazy creativity crochet decorating design designs distraction DIY downsizing drama dreams energy EQ8 exasperating people excitement expectations fabric fall family feed sack festivals flexibility flour sack flowers flying geese Flynn Quilt Frame focus fool free spirit freedom fun furniture garden Granny Hill Granny Rose grateful gratitude Halloween happiness hexagon imagination independence insight inspiration intuition inventory Janome joy just for today karma laughter lemon pepper lessons letting go life lists little things loose ends love magic Memorial Day memories Mother's Day motivation NASCAR nature opportunity organizing paradise passion patience peace perception perspective positive energy productivity quilt quilting quotes reflection refresh relaxation remnant renew resilience resolutions responsibility retro routines satisfaction scraps sewing sewing machine simplicity simplify snow solitude Southern traditions spring st. patrick's day stitching strawberries stress sugar sack summer sunshine thankful Thanksgiving Thoughts tropical prints useful valentine vintage waiting weather winter wisdom wishes yard sales