Monday, May 14, 2012

Secret Ingredient For Luscious Blooms

My flowers have been extremely pretty this year and my yard is a riot of color. I'm sure part of it was the early spring. Big bright blooms and lush green leaves cover my rosebushes. My New Dawn rose on the trellis has lasted longer than usual, although yesterday's rain shredded some of the hundreds of sweet scented petals. My iris were huge and spectacular.
Purple petunias, vanilla marigolds, bright pink pentas, and coral geraniums have healthy, gorgeous blossoms and seem to be spreading quickly. Orange daylily plants are budded and ready to pop out this week; the vivid yellow Stella D'oro and Asian lilies are already blooming. My ferns, shamrocks and hosta are thriving. Even the houseplants are happier.
Perfect spring weather may be the answer. However, I believe some of the credit goes to the new ingredient I added to my plant routine this year...ordinary household epsom salt. 
Once a month I sprinkle some around in each flower bed, and a few grains in the hanging pots, either right before a rain or when I water. The only downside is that the weeds are growing well too. 

Thanks to my sweet mama for sharing your love of flowers with me.  Love you, Sam...Happy Mother's Day! 
Joy is a flower that blooms when you do. ~ Author Unknown

Happiness is to hold flowers in both hands. ~ Japanese Proverb