Monday, May 28, 2012

Random Summer Favorites

These are just a few of the things I love about summer. It's a time for being lazy at home, riding around the countryside, and listening to great music. Enjoy and have a safe Memorial Day.
Saturday in the Park” – Chicago
Icy cold lemonade
Sittin' on the screened porch at dusk watching lightning bugs
Windy” – Association
Breezy sundresses, sandals, and light cotton camp shirts
A delicious BLT made with Tennessee tomatoes
Fresh home grown veggies right out of the garden
I'd Rather Ride Around With You” – Reba
Bright tropical island prints and cool sweet pastels 
Soak Up The Sun” – Sheryl Crow
Juicy sweet watermelon and cantaloupe
Watering flowers in the early morning
Brandy” – Looking Glass or Kenny Chesney
Reading a romantic novel or a challenging mystery
Homemade ice cream, any flavor
Summer Rain” – Johnny Rivers
Watching the hummingbirds feed