Monday, January 30, 2012

Desert Flight

My latest design is definitely made from remnants. I bought most of these fabrics over twelve years ago to use in another quilted piece which hangs over our back patio doors. The only new fabrics are the grey print and green/copper stripe. I call this wall hanging Desert Flight.

Our main living area has a mix of antique and new oak furniture, pottery and Indian rugs. It's comfortable and casual, just like us. I've decorated with mostly Southwest colors of terra cotta and sage green with black accents. I change out some of the black to cream or lighter greens during the summer.

While I was sewing, I whipped up a few coasters, or mug rugs, to match. I even did some mending, took in two pairs of my jeans, and sewed on a few loose buttons. Those are the things I usually procrastinate about...I don't know why, they only take a few minutes to get out of the way. Hey, do it now was another of my resolutions. Go me! 

"Make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible,
then get on with living." -- Albert Hadley