Monday, January 23, 2012

Adjust. Adapt. Stay Calm.

What a crazy week!  I had several things planned, but life decided to throw a few extra curves my way. Nothing serious or life-altering...just not exactly what I had in mind. A delayed appointment resulted in a long wait in a loud environment. A family member lost something important, which required immediate action to avoid problems. A couple of other unexpected annoying situations changed my schedule.

And you know what? Overall, the disruptions actually turned out all right. Staying calm helped me adjust my focus and adapt to the current situation. I didn't lose my temper or get too frustrated. I was able to help someone; offer support and encouragement to another. Maybe my horoscope and biorhythms were positive. Or perhaps good karma favored me. Could be my resolutions to practice patience and awareness are working subliminally. Whatever the reason, I was able to handle the challenges with a positive attitude.

Looking back, my week was mostly full of fun and productive activity. I found time to enjoy a nice lunch date with my sweetie, visit with my mama, run errands, do a bit of housecleaning for mama-in-law, and meet friends for lunch on Friday. I read a mystery novel and even logged several hours in the sewing room piecing the new wall hanging for my living room.  
Here's a sneak peek ->  

Useful Notion: Life happens. Schedules change. Problems arise. How we react to each situation is what makes all the difference.

Today, I remain calm, no matter what storms may come my way.”
– Anonymous